Welcome to Authenteq's API documentation! This provides and overview of our products and how you can easily integrate our Mobile SDK or Web based solution.

What does Authenteq do?

Authenteq provides a Mobile SDK and a Web Identity Verification product to enable your business to verify the identity of your users, as well as Selfie Authentication as a reusable verification in under 3 seconds.
  • Liveness detection and face matching is performed on all users
  • Global document support of 5,300+ passports, drivers licenses and national identity documents from 190 countries
  • Support for iOS, Android, React Native, and Browser development
  • Anti-Money Laundering, Politically Exposed Persons, and Media Exposed Persons checks
  • Step-Up Selfie Authentication can provide additional security to your application and reduce friction to repeat customers
  • Client dashboard to monitor real-time verifications and remain compliant with KYC/AML audits and regulations

Download Our Showcase App

To demonstrate the interaction of your customer with the Authenteq platform, we encourage you to try out our live apps in the Apple and Google marketplaces.
Last modified 1yr ago