Mobile SDK

A change log for our Mobile SDK

All versions (Android, iOS, React Native) will use the same version number moving forward.


Released on 31 August 2021


  • Proof Of Address - Organizations will be able to collect documents for address verification. This feature is available in 3 options:

    • Disabled - Proof of address will not be part of the user flow

    • Optional - The user will be asked to provide a proof of address or skip the request

    • Required - Each user must provide a proof of address

If your app support iOS 10 you need to add NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription key in your Info.plist file


Released on 30 June 2021


  • NFC Scanning Support - Organizations will be able to enable NFC scanning on mobile devices. Currently only supporting NFC-enabled passports.

    • Verifications in the customer dashboard will display NFC step as a new status

    • Face matching will compare user selfie to photo extracted from NFC scan as an added security measure

    • NFC feature will have 3 options:

      • Disabled - NFC scanning will not be a part of the user flow

      • Optional - If a user has an NFC-enabled passport, they will have the option to use their mobile device (if it contains an NFC scanner) to scan their passport. They will be able to skip this part of the process and scan a different document if they wish

      • Required - Each user must have an NFC-enabled passport AND mobile device. An initial check will be done on the device to determine if it is compatible. If not, the user will be displayed a message to contact the organization's support team or try the process with an NFC-compatible device. Skipping the NFC scan will not be possible. NOTE: NFC is not always available in passports and not all mobile devices are NFC capable, so please use the required option with caution.

  • Customizable Customer Support URL on Mobile - The customer support URL configured in the customer dashboard will be available to mobile users who experience issues during the verification process.

  • Flow initialization with authentication token


Released on 25 March 2021


  • Security Updates


Released on 4 December 2020


  • Additional Czech and Dutch localization

  • Improved feedback on Facematch error


Released on 10 November 2020


  • Full rebranding of the SDK in order to match new corporate image


Released on 28 September 2020


  • Additional document support for Sweden: Skatteverket, Nordea, and Swedbank Identitetskort

  • Adds support for certain USDLs and Asian passports that do not separate surname and givenNames

  • Fix Android SDK that could cause crash on certain phone brands/models


Released on 17 September 2020