Android Studio integration

▸ In your build.gradle you first need to add the AuthenteqSdk maven repository to your repositories list:

repositories {
maven {
url ''

▸ Set min Android SDK to level 21 (Android 5.0) in build.gradle

minSdkVersion 21

AuthenteqSdk contains Java 8 bytecode. Enable desugaring by adding the following lines to build.gradle

android {
compileOptions {
sourceCompatibility 1.8
targetCompatibility 1.8

▸ Once done, add AuthenteqSdk as a dependency to your application:

dependencies {
implementation(' latest version)[email protected]') {
transitive = true

Make sure transitive is set to true.

To enable live document detection on "Proof of Address" add an additional dependency in your application:

dependencies {
implementation '[email protected]'

▸ Adjust backup settings in AndroidManifest.xml by changing the allowBackup attribute to true


or disable it by adding this attribute in application tag


this also require to add the following attribute in manifest tag



Proguard is used for obfuscation.

-keep class** {*;}