Getting Started

This tutorial explains the simplified Web IDV identity verification flow. It will give you a notion of how the data from the user's ID will get to your system.


In this tutorial we will not implement anything and instead we will go through the identification process and use curl to call the Authenteq API. We strongly recommend following this tutorial before you jump to the integration explained in the guide "How to integrate Web?".

Before we start, please sign in to the Customer Dashboard to get your client credentials and to register a redirect URL on the API Keys page. Your redirect URL should lead back to your service. If you don't have one yet then just use Please also prepare your ID. It can be a passport, national identity document or driving license.

Direct User to Authenteq Identity Server

Use the following command to request the identity verification session. Just replace <clientId> , <clientSecret> with your client credentials and <redirectUrl> with your redirect URL.

curl --user <clientId>:<clientSecret> \
     --location '' \
     --get --data-urlencode 'redirectUrl=<redirectUrl>'

Open the provided verification URL in your browser. Ideally, in your mobile browser.

User Performs Identification

Follow the steps of the identification (introduction, document scan, liveness check, redirect). Your user will go through the same process. Continue upon the successful redirect.

You should have been redirected to:


Getting the Code

Now the user was redirected back to your service. With that redirect, we send back the code in a parameter.

Go to the address bar of your browser and copy the value of the code parameter.

Retrieving Result

Once you have a code, you can retrieve the result details. Pay attention, for security reasons, the code can be used once only. Let's call /web-idv/verification-result endpoint. Execute the following command with the same clientId, clientSecret , redirectUrl and the code you got earlier.

$ curl --user <clientId>:<clientSecret> \
       --location '' \
       --get --data-urlencode 'redirectUrl=<redirectUrl>' --data 'code=<code>'
  "id": "3631324b-5bcc-48b0-b717-4f12f45e0a1d",
  "status": "PASSED",
  "platform": "WEB",
  "startTime": "2020-04-10T11:44:40Z",
  "endTime": "2020-04-10T11:47:23Z",
  "livenessFaceImage": {
    "contentType": "image/jpeg",
    "content": "bGl2ZW5lc3NGYWNlSW1hZ2UK"
  "documentData": {
    "documentType": "DL",
    "documentNumber": "1234567890",
    "issuingCountry": "USA",
    "jurisdiction": "UT",
    "nationality": "USA",
    "surnameAndGivenNames": "DOE JOHN",
    "surname": "DOE",
    "givenNames": "JOHN",
    "nameSuffixes": "MR",
    "namePrefixes": "JR",
    "sex": "M",
    "dateOfBirth": "1964-12-30",
    "dateOfExpiry": "2022-12-30",
    "dateOfIssue": "2012-05-30",
    "address": "430-985 ELEIFEND^DULUTH WA 92611",
    "licenseClass": "B/C/D",
    "licenseClassDetails": {
      "B": {
        "from": "2019-01-30",
        "to": "2029-01-30",
        "notes": "Some valuable note"
      "C": {
        "from": "2019-01-30",
        "to": "2029-01-30"
      "D": {
        "from": "2019-01-30",
        "to": "2029-01-30"
    "croppedFrontImage": {
      "contentType": "image/jpeg",
      "content": "Y3JvcHBlZEZyb250SW1hZ2U="
    "croppedBackImage": {
      "contentType": "image/jpeg",
      "content": "Y3JvcHBlZEJhY2tJbWFnZQ=="
    "faceImage": {
      "contentType": "image/jpeg",
      "content": "ZmFjZUltYWdlCg=="
  "nfcVerified": false

We are done! The result details reached your system.

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