Web Overview

Web IDV (Identity Verification) is an online tool that enables you to verify the identity of your users without the need for a mobile app integration. Setup takes just a few minutes and you are live to begin onboarding new customers!

Simplified Web IDV Flow

The Web IDV Flow is a straightforward flow for the end-user and a quick integration for the developer.

Request Identity Verification Session

Using our API to request the identity verification session will require your API keys as credentials, so it should happen in the backend of your service. You will get a URL to the Authenteq Identity Server and should redirect your user here. You will also define where to send the user after verification in your customer dashboard.

Redirect to Authenteq Identity Server

The Authenteq Identity Server performs the identification process in a seamless and user-friendly manner that does not disrupt customer onboarding.

The customer will photograph their identity document, front and back if required, while we perform security checks against it and extract all available fields. The second step is a selfie that can guarantee the end-user is a living, breathing, human and not a photo, video, or high quality mask.

Through a proprietary and heavily developed facial matching system, the selfie is compared with the document and following acceptance, the user is handed back over to your redirectURL automatically.

Should a user struggle with any step due to incorrect documents, attempt to take a selfie of a photo or video, or even have lighting so low to make either photo unreadable - we offer real-time feedback to allow the customer another immediate attempt to make adjustments. No waiting period of hours or days for a denial of onboarding.

Redirect with code back to the client system

When the identification process is completed successfully, the Authenteq Identity Server redirects the user back to your service, passing an alphanumerical code in the parameters. You should inform the user about the successful identification and pass the code for further processing.

Details retrieval

In your backend, you will make a call to the Authenteq API to exchange the code for the data retrieved during the onboarding process, parsed and packaged into JSON format.

As an additional security measure, the exchange also requires your API keys as credentials. This ensures that even if the code is intercepted, it would be useless in any attempted attack.

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